The BFI have agreed lottery funding for the release of Dear White People and to work with The New Black Film Collective (TNBFC) by finding a solution to facilitate the wider theatrical distribution of the film.  They have also given a commitment to discuss measures to improve distribution and audience development for Black film in the future.

BARAC UK and TNBFC thank you for signing the petition and all efforts made by you to highlight the campaign and call on cinemas to screen the film.

There is no doubt that our collective efforts have succeeded in keeping up the pressure on the British film industry, generating wide discussion and media interest in the film and the campaign with your signatures on our petition playing a crucial role.

'I am delighted that through the intervention of Ben Roberts, Director of Lottery Film Fund at the BFI, that we learned that the release window of Dear White People on DVD and Video on Demand could be pushed back to allow for the multiplexes and independents to programme the film. However, it is vital that people come out to watch it over the all important opening weekend so that we have the opportunity to convince cinemas to keep it on their screens for longer and to continue to back quality Black films for UK audiences.’

Priscilla Igwe, Director, TNBFC

‘I am happy that BARAC was able to work jointly with TNBFC to achieve this victory, but the institutional racism that exists in the arts and culture sector including the film industry must be challenged going forward. Black and migrant individuals and communities have made a tremendous contribution to the arts in the UK and the disproportionate impact of austerity means that the racism in the sector is amplified. Going forward the BFI must ensure that their decision making bodies reflect the communities they are supposed to serve, that they consider the equality impact of their actions and equality proof their policies and processes.’

Zita Holbourne, National Co-Chair BARAC UK

We still need your help to get more cinemas (200 instead of 20) to screen Dear White People near you and to keep it in the cinemas (especially over the opening weekend!) as long as possible. So please,  'pledge' a ticket and any other amount, to receive a fantastic  reward with the knowledge that you have backed a film that represents the fight for diversity and equality as well as being an amazing piece of filmmaking.


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